Things to do in Flagstaff ar
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Flagstaff is one of the most visited cities in Arizona. There are many things to do in Flagstaff, which makes it an ideal holiday destination. After doing much research about Flagstaff, I was able to gather all this information. Flagstaff is present at an elevation of 7000 feet, and due to this, you can enjoy all four seasons here. It is present on the famous ‘Route 66’. Flagstaff is a must-see place in your Arizona itinerary because of its: strong historical background, dwellings of ancient people, national monuments and parks, and many shopping and noshing centers.

Moreover, Flagstaff is also the home of Northern Arizona University which makes it a student hub. If you are looking for a place to escape the Arizonian heat, then Flagstaff is the right place for you. With its contrasting four seasons, you can enjoy holidays year-round in Flagstaff. Out of the many things to do in Flagstaff, enjoying world-class lodging facilities is the best. In Flagstaff, you can find every kind of hotel that you can dream of. This city offers the best hotels in every price range, and I have read that the hotels in Flagstaff are really welcoming. Therefore, I will personally say that no matter what your traveling style is you’ll find a hotel according to your taste in Flagstaff.

Other than lodging, you can find top-notch eateries in Flagstaff as well. After thoroughly researching about Flagstaff, I can tell you that it is a foodie’s heaven. There are almost 97 restaurants here that offer mouthwatering cuisines. Some of the most famous ones that I recommend are; Shift FLG, Macy’s European Coffeehouse and Bakery, Crillo Latin Kitchen, Tourist Home All-day Café, Fat Olives, and many more.

Fun things to do in Flagstaff Arizona:

The things to do in Flagstaff are countless. Moreover, out of these activities, we are describing some of the most fun things that you can do here in Flagstaff. Some of the fun things to do in Flagstaff Az are:

1. Skiing at Arizona Snowbowl:

Skiing at Arizona Snowbowl Flagstaff
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Yes, you read it right skiing is possible in Arizona! Because of Flagstaff’s amazing elevation, it is one of the snowiest cities in the US. You can enjoy the most extended skiing season here in Snowbowl and can choose from the 55 trails to go for skiing. It is one of the flagstaff things to do. Moreover, you can also enjoy the mesmerizing scenic beauty of Flagstaff if you take the chairlift of this skiing resort. However, this opportunity is only valid during the warmer months when the snow is melting.

2. Hiking and Biking trails in Buffalo Park:

Hiking and Biking trails in Buffalo Park
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Out of the many fun things to do in Flagstaff, one going for hiking and biking. Buffalo park is full of scenic trails that are ideal for hiking and biking. One of the flagstaff attractions is that you can see the peaks of San Francisco from here in Buffalo park.

3. North Pole Experience:

The North Pole Experience is an exciting destination for kids; it is one of the things to see in Flagstaff. Once you go there, I can ensure that you will never forget this magical experience. The adventure starts with a trolley ride in the middle of a forest that enters into Santa’s workshop after passing through a magical portal. Inside the workshop, you will experience working with elves to make Christmas gifts. North Pole Experience is one of those places which are a must-see in my flagstaff itinerary. So, I recommend that you should definitely visit it too.

4. Extreme Adventure Course, Flagstaff:

Extreme Adventure Course, Flagstaff
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If you love adventure and don’t know what to do in Flagstaff, then this is the perfect place for you. The extreme adventure course is the place to get your adrenaline rushing. You can test your outdoor survival skills here with the zipline and the Flagstaff Extreme FLG X. This adventure park in the pine forests of Flagstaff should be a must-see in your things to do in flagstaff itinerary.

5. River Rafting in Grand Canyon:

 River Rafting in Grand Canyon
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Another fun-loving thing that you should do while in Flagstaff is to go river rafting. Some companies offer river rafting services in the Colorado River. Once you’re there, I recommend that you should definitely try this fantastic sport. It is one of the Flagstaff activities in things to do in the flagstaff list that you must do.

6. Wheeler Park:

If you are visiting the flagstaff center, then don’t forget to see the wheeler’s park which is at a few minutes’ walk from there. Wheelers park is an excellent place for spending time outdoors. There are many events ongoing here like art festivals, and park runs, etc. in the winters the park turns into a winter wonderland.

7. Exploring the San Francisco Peaks:

Exploring the San Francisco Peaks
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Exploring the highest point in Arizona is a must-see out of all the things to do in Flagstaff. When you travel to the north of Flagstaff, you can see the volcanic range of San Francisco mountains, which contains 6 of the highest peaks in Arizona. There are many hiking and biking trails in this area where you can escape into the wilderness of these breathtaking views.

8. Visiting Heritage Square:

Visiting Heritage Square
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If you want to enjoy live local music and culture, then heritage square is the place for you to visit. It doesn’t matter at what time you’re visiting you will be able to find something going here. It is the place where most happening stuff in Flagstaff takes place. However, if you to contribute to the development of this square, you can buy and donate an engraved brick.

9. The Wonderful World of the Arboretum:


The Wonderful World of the Arboretum
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The Arboretum is a living plants museum having more than 2500 species of plants. It is something that you can never miss from the things to do in flagstaff itinerary. Guided tours of this place are also available, or you can go exploring on your own too. There are various greenhouses and natural habitats of plants here.

10. Walnut Canyon:

Walnut Canyon
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Walnut Canyon lies to the east of Flagstaff. It is famous for its enormous population of Arizona’s walnut trees. It is one of those things to do in Flagstaff that you cannot miss. There is a diverse variety of flora here as well as some worth-seeing wildlife. There’s a national monument here to which several trails lead. The most interesting trail is the loop trail on which you can examine 25 ancient sites left by the Sinagua people. There are 80 cliff dwellings as well for you to explore.

Flagstaff Arizona Attractions:

Other than the places mentioned above these are some of the many sites that I recommend you to visit. Some of my most favorite places to visit and things to do in Flagstaff are below:

1. Sunset Crater Park:

Sunset crater park is undoubtedly a wonder of geology. Sunset crater park is actually the remains of a volcano that erupted in 1085 BCE. So today it stands as a reminder of nature’s colossal capabilities. This place is perfect for hiking as trails lie on the rim and in crisscross way across the volcano. Out of all the places to visit in Flagstaff, sunset crater park is the right choice.

2. Lava River Cave:

Lava River Cave
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Lava river cave is a must-visit place when you’re in Flagstaff. It is one of the main flagstaff things to do in your visit. Once you enter the lava river cave, you’ll feel that you’ve crossed into the underworld. Lava river cave is a natural museum, and its entrance is just a hole in the ground. When you enter it, you will see large slippery boulders and a long trek into the darkness. Due to the natural insulation of the cave, the temperatures here are quite low, i.e., 2-7˚C. Therefore, wear something warm and use durable, sturdy shoes that will help you in moving around in rough terrains. You can see beautiful lava features inside the cave’s interior.

3. Museum of Northern Arizona:

Museum of Northern Arizona
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Out of all the stuff to do in Flagstaff, exploring northern Arizona museum is a must. MNA is the home of the Native American Artifacts with a collection of more than 5 million artifacts. Moreover, in its geology museum, you can learn a lot about the San Francisco peaks and dormant volcanos. There are many models present in MNA using which you can easily understand different processes like volcanic activities and changes in Colorado Plateau.

4. Flagstaff’s Downtown and Train District:

Flagstaff’s Downtown and Train District
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The downtown in Flagstaff is one of the best things to do in Flagstaff. Enjoying a simple stroll in Flagstaff’s center will take you back in the 1900s. This place is full of great eateries and shopping places. The downtown area is around the old railroad and station. There are many visitor centers here that will give you complete information about Flagstaff and surrounding areas.

5. Riordan Mansion State Historic Park:

Riordan Mansion State Historic Park
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If you’re a history lover, then you’ll definitely fall in love with this place. The best things to do in Flagstaff is to visit historical sites. Riordan Mansion is a duplex-style mansion, which is an accurate depiction of American Arts and Crafts in architecture. They constructed it in 1904 with all the latest facilities like internal plumbing, central heating, electric lights, hot and cold running waters. If you’re looking for what to see in Flagstaff, then this is the place to go.

I hope that after reading my travel blog, you will be able to decide what you can do in Flagstaff next time when you visit. If you need further information regarding anything, feels free to contact me through the comments. However, if you think I have missed some info let me know.

best things to do in Tampa
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Tampa is a city along Florida’s gulf coast. There are many things to do in Tampa, which makes it one of the most favorite holiday destinations in southeast America. Moreover, Tampa’s warm, sunny tropical weather makes it a perfect summer getaway.

Moreover, you will be able to enjoy visiting tons of museums and history centers here. Tampa is the historical hub of Florida due to its old neighborhoods like Ybor City. You can also enjoy an enthusiastic nightlife here as well as an outdoor adventure in Busch Gardens Tampa. If you are planning to go for a vacation with your kids, then consider Tampa as your perfect holiday destination. Tampa is a real paradise for animal lovers and children. There are many kids’ attractions in Tampa, Florida, like the Tampa zoo, Glazer’s children museum, Tampa electric manatee viewing center, etc. I hope that this list of things to do in Tampa and Tampa attractions will help you in exploring this fantastic city.

Fun things to do in Tampa, Florida:

If you are looking for what to do in Tampa, then this list of things to do in Tampa Fl will help you a lot. After doing some thorough research on this area, I was able to compile this list of Tampa things to do. I hope that you will also enjoy doing these things in Tampa.

1. Enjoy wild rides at Busch Gardens:

Enjoy wild rides at Busch Gardens
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One of the adventurist things to do in Tampa is enjoying the wild adrenaline rushing rides at one of the oldest amusement parks in America. The Busch Gardens is an Africa inspired theme park famous for its wild and thrilling rides. Once you are in Busch gardens, don’t forget to try their six most notorious roller coasters. Moreover, the thrilling SheiKra is like a cherry on icing for adventure lovers. It is a floorless dive coaster with a drop of 200 feet and a plunge of 90˚. However, animal lovers can also feed animals here.

2. Explore the underwater world at Florida Aquarium:

 Explore the underwater world at Florida Aquarium
Image by: Wikimedia

Florida Aquarium is one of the best aquariums present in the southeast. It exhibits a great variety of aquatic animals. The exhibits here focus on the natural habitats of the Florida area. This place is well-suited for you if you want to go exploring sea life there’s a million-gallon coral reef display with more than 200 species of fish.

Moreover, you can also enjoy close meetings with starfish, sea anemones, sea urchins, sea horses, stingrays, and African penguins. There’s a 4D theatre where they display exclusive shows for kids. There’s a gift shop present in the aquarium as well as a restaurant.

3. Figure out Tampa’s history at the Tampa Bay History Center:

 Figure out Tampa’s history at the Tampa Bay History Center
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One of the best ways to know about the historical background of Tampa, Florida, is by visiting Tampa Bay History Center. It is present in the vicinity of Channelside District. It is one of those Tampa museums where you will find all the history from the early days of European explorations till date. Out of all the museums in Tampa Fl, Tampa bay history center exhibits the most significant number of relics and records. Moreover, there are many exhibitions here where you learn about modern age archaeology and the ongoing historical research in this region.

4. Experience the taste of tipple at Tampa’s Bay Brewery:

The Tampa bay brewing company is one of the most renowned local microbreweries with a great demand for bespoke beer. You can enjoy their local labels at two of their bar houses, one in Ybor City and the other in Westchase. TBBC offers many seasonal tipples that you can enjoy during your Tampa’s visit. Two of the most famous ones are old elephant foot and iron rat imperial stout.

5. Visit the Big Cat Rescue:

Visit the Big Cat Rescue
Image by: Flickr

One of the things to do in Tampa is to visit the Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary, which is all about caring and conserving the big cats. There are more than 80 big cats present here that were victims of circus acts, big game hunters, neglectful owners, etc. all these cats stay in enclosures that replicate their natural habitats. You can take full-day tours of this sanctuary or can go for nighttime safari.

6. Unwind at the Adventure Island water park:

Unwind at the Adventure Island water park
Image by: Wikimedia

Another great place for unwinding from the sultry heat of Tampa’s sun is by visiting Adventure Island water park. This par has a tropical jungle theme with lots of lagoons, slides inspired by Florida’s everglades as well as manmade beaches. You can also enjoy many Tampa bay sports here. The manmade beaches give a distinct feel of the Caribbean. You can also enjoy at the onsite Surfside café.

7. Explore Tampa Riverwalk:

Explore Tampa Riverwalk
Image by: Wikimedia

Exploring Tampa’s Riverwalk is one of the top things to do in Tampa. Riverwalk is the most happening boardwalk in Tampa. There are stunning water work fountains and play pools here along with well-maintained lawns. You can enjoy some of the finest eateries in America here as there are tons of food trucks here as well as picnic spots.

8. Go off-roading in the Hillsborough River State Park:

Go off-roading in the Hillsborough River State Park
Image by: Wikimedia

Another quintessential spot worth-visiting is the Hillsborough River, State Park. It is present on the northern edge of Tampa city. It is a perfect place for off-roading. I personally think that it is one of those things to do in Tampa that you shouldn’t miss. Off-roading in these vine-draped creeks with giant oak hammocks and mangroves is a once in a lifetime experience.

9. Check into the historic Ybor City:

 Check into the historic Ybor City
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The area of Ybor city was the most renown cigar factory in all of America. However, during the great depression, this area was eventually shut down. However, now the old cigar factories are one of the most happening nightlife spots in Tampa. The transformation of old cigar factories into nightclubs, bars, cocktail joints, microbreweries, restaurants’ and art galleries. Visiting Ybor city district is one of the things to do in Tampa that you can’t miss.

10. Tour with Magic Carpet Glide:

Tour with Magic Carpet Glide
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One of the best Tampa things to do is to take a city tour with Magic Carpet. Using this tour, you can easily explore Tampa beaches, as well as pinpoint the Tampa bay things to do. Magic Carpet offers tours onmotorisedSegway with guides. You can easily visit all the Tampa bay Florida beach on this tour as well as Bayshore boulevard, and harbor island.

Tampa Florida Attractions:

Apart from the fun things to do in Tampa fl. These are some of the famous tourist attractions in Tampa that you can see once you’re in Tampa, Florida.

1. Armature Works:

One of worth doing the thing, in things to do in Tampa list is visiting and exploring the area of armature works. It is 22,000 sq. Feet industrial market which is a heaven for foodies and architecture lovers. If you want to enjoy downtown Tampa shopping and Tampa nightlife, then this is the right place for you to visit. There tons of dining options here as well as bars where you can enjoy the nightlife of Tampa.

2. Lowry Park Zoo:

Lowry Park Zoo
Image by: Flickr

One of the things to do in Tampa is to visit the Tampa zoo at Lowry Park. There are more than 2000 animal species exhibited in zoo Tampa. Animals from different parts of the worlds like Africa, Asia, and Australia are present in this zoo along with native animals of Florida. There are a primate area and an aviary present here as well. The Tampa zoo is one of the main Tampa attractions.

3. Museum of Science and Industry:

Museum of Science and Industry
Image by: Wikipedia

The museum of science and industry is one of those museums in Tampa that you should definitely see. You can learn, explore, and indulge yourselves in the vast world of science and technology. There are many exhibits here, starting from the basic concepts of maths, physics, and other basic science concepts. Moreover, you will be able to see NASA’s vision of human life in outer space.

4. Henry B Plant Museum:

Museum of Science and Industry
Image by: Wikimedia

Henry B Plant Museum was originally the part of the Tampa Bay Hotel. In 1933 it turned into a museum. If you love Victorian architecture, then exploring this one of the Tampa museums is one of the things to do in Tampa for you. You will be able to enjoy lavish tropical gardens and glimpse into the life of Henry Plant as there are various rooms which you can explore. Some places that you must see are Grand Hall, Reading and Writing Room, and the Garden Room.

5. Tampa theatre:

Tampa Theatre
Image by: Wikimedia

The theatre of Tampa is a unique mixture of the architectural styles of the Byzantine and Greek with an Italian Renaissance. It is one of those things to do in Tampa that are a must-see once you’re in Tampa. The Tampa Theatre is a movie palace where foreign and classic films along with concerts and exhibitions are the most viewed displays.

I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog. However, if you think I missed any info regarding Tampa let me know in the comments section. If you need any information regarding anything, you can ask me in the comments.

Safest Countries in AfricaMost of the people love to travel and visit new places, get to know new cultures and real-life education. The people who are fond of traveling might want to travel the whole world. Of course, there is much more to see. Africa is the continent of adventure and a buffet for the travelers’ soul to feed on. Africa is the second-largest continent of the world and is probably most famous for its wildlife and landscapes. Also, Africa holds its Ancient history of Pharaonic civilization, the Nile Valley, and the Great Sahara. Because of its beautiful nature spread all over the area, it lures travelers and adventure-seekers from all over the globe.

The 13 of the Most Scenic and Safest Countries in Africa:

Not all the people who want to travel to Africa are willing to take the risks involved. So, here’s a list for the ones wondering about the safest countries in Africa.

Well, African countries are safer than what most people usually assume. Africa has a safety record for tourists. And if the dark continent is an unknown place for you, then this guide will help you to choose your destination regarding safety.

Africa is the center of tourism because of its most fabulous safaris, beaches, deserts, landscapes, waterfalls, and much more. Africa consists of 54 countries; besides that, travelers wonder about the choicest and best places to visit in Africa. However, the safest countries in Africa to visit include South Africa, Morocco, Botswana, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Mauritius, and many more. These safest African countries attract travelers not only by its natural beauty but also its safety for tourists. So under assumption that it is not safe, the fact is, travelers can explore without fear of danger. These countries are having the largest populated cities in Africa and also carrying the most exciting places to explore. Due to having the most unusual and inspiring scenes, it refreshes the mind and body of the visitor. Africa always had a great attraction towards tourists because of having natural wonders and centuries and even millennials old history. Let’s move on to the list of safest countries in Africa.

The 5 Most Mesmerizing Cities in Africa

These are our top pick for the five best cities in Africa:

  1. Port Louis – Mauritius
  2. Alexandria – Egypt
  3. Cape Town – South Africa
  4. Johannesburg- South Africa
  5. Cairo – Egypt

The 5 Best Places to Visit in Africa

These are the best places to be in Africa for a time of your life:

  1. Barazia Resort and Spa – Tanzania
  2. Royal Chundu–Zambia
  3. Shangri La Country Hotel – South Africa
  4. The Elephant Camp – Zimbabwe
  5. Ellerman House – South Africa

List of the Safest Countries in Africa

The safest countries in Africa that carry the traveler’s attention are;

1. Morocco

Morocco largest city is Casablanca
Image by: Pixabay

Morocco, the capital is Rabat, and the largest city is Casablanca. Here you can see the beauty of nature, crafts, and culture, and also tasty cuisine. There are a lot of places to visit here like the red-city of Marrakech, the blue city of Chefchaouen, Merzouga desert, Atlas Mountains, and the coastal paradise of Agadir.

2. South Africa

South Africa Cape Town
Image by: Pixabay

South Africa: the capital Cape Town and the largest city Johannesburg is the safest place for tourism. The country has breathtaking panoramic views, incredible coastline, and hiking trails are on the wishlist of most. Furthermore, Table Mountain catches attraction from the tourists.

3. Seychelles

Image by: Wikipedia

Seychelles, the capital, and the largest city is Victoria, a beautiful place to be. It is the perfect example of paradise consisting of 115 islands. Best place for romantic couples as well as for solo travelers. Peaceful and memorable beaches, a variety of islands, and crystal-clear water is the beauty of this country.

4. Tanzania

Tanzania best places to visit in africa
Image by: Pixabay

Tanzania, the capital, is Dodoma, and the largest city is Dar-es-Salaam. Places to visit in Tanzania are Serengeti National Park, safari mecca, Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, Ngorongoro Crater has incredible views of the vast landscape.

5. Zambia

livingstone zambia best places to visit in africa
Image by: Flickr

The capital and the largest city of Zambia is Lusaka. It promises safety, entertainment, and adventurous scenes to its visitors. It provides an endless wilderness along with safari experiences and the great Zambezi River with its thrilling rafting experience. Victoria-falls is one of the famous beauties.

6. Ghana

Accra Africa Monument Ghana West Africa
Image by: Maxpixel

Ghana, the capital, and the largest city Accra is not only a safe country but also reliable to visit all-year. It is a much adventurous place of coastal towns and breathtaking landscapes. The Cape Coast Castle Museum is an iconic and heritage gem to Ghana.

7. Kenya

Africa Kenya Safari Animal
Image by: Pixabay

Kenya, the capital, and the largest city Nairobi is one of the most visited countries in Africa because of its safety record and for good reasons. Kenya is known for its traditional and cultural experience. This country has incredible beaches, diverse wildlife, hiking trails, and magnificent landscapes.

8. Rwanda

Rwanda Africa East safest countries in africa
Image by: Pixabay

Rwanda, the capital and largest city, is Kigali. There’s a reliable safety for tourists. You can embrace the city’s nightlife without fear of crime and danger. Rwanda is known for its lush, green, mountainous landscapes and their natural habitat.

9. Botswana

Botswana, the capital, and the largest city is Gaborone. The destinations include Okavango Delta where remains the untouched beauty and cultures, and The Chobe National Park and Central Kalahari Game Reserves. There are also more beautiful places to visit in Botswana.

10. Namibia

Image by: Maxpixel

Namibia, the capital, and the largest city is Windhoek. It is the model place for those seeking safe places in Africa. A country carpeted with vast deserts and with a cover of endless skies. Namibia is famous for stargazing and adrenaline-rush activities that include sky diving, quad biking, and wild safari.

11. Mauritius

mauritius safest countries in Africa
Image by: Pixabay

Mauritius, the capital, and the largest city is Port Louis. It is one of the safest places to visit Africa for relaxed holidays. Mauritius is the right spot for honeymoons because of its sandy beaches, blue waters, and luxurious resorts. This country is free from violent crimes and proves to be the right spot for families.

12. Madagascar

Madagascar best places to visit in Africa
Image by: Flickr

Madagascar, the capital, and the largest city is Antananarivo. It is a prodigious place for those who love wildlife. Almost 5% population of the world’s plants and animals live here. There are many species of animals and birds which cannot be found anywhere else in the world except Madagascar. You can visit wildlife parks and gigantic baobab trees, which are the beauty of Africa.

13. Lesotho:

Maseru Lesotho safest country in Africa
Image by: Flickr

Lesotho, the capital, and the largest city is Maseru. This is a haven having neither violent crime nor terrorism. Lesotho is a gem of Africa that has unspoiled valleys, mountains, green hills, livestock, and rural townsfolk.
These safest countries in Africa give the tourists a pleasant experience and the most memorable events.


Q: Is South Africa safe?

A: Millions of tourists come to visit South Africa and have a good experience. Violence crime is low in South Africa, as it is a safe place for tourists.

Q: Why you should go to Africa?

A: Africa seeks its attention through safari. The above-mentioned safest countries in Africa are full of history, wildlife, adventures, and tasty foods.

Q: What are the precautions that you should take while traveling in Africa?

A: One must take complete health precautions for diseases like malaria, dengue, HIV, etc. Also, you must always have qualified guides to accompany you on safaris.

Thanks for reading. We expect that the information provided in this article will help and guide you properly. If you’re a traveler, then please do check out more exciting stories, travel guides, and hacks on