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10 Best Things to do in San Antonio Texas

by Kamal Salar

The wild wild west is not so wild anymore. However, you can still find wild things to do in San Antonio, if you are planning a trip to the historically rich states of the western USA. Though this city is not technically in the far west, yet it still houses many heritage sites of the colonial era. San Antonio is the seventh-largest city in the US. San Antonio has become a popular holiday destination because of the numerous fun attractions and things you can do while visiting. You can enjoy big-city facilities as well as the charm of a small town in Texas. San Antonio has a rich historical heritage due to which it has a unique culture. It was initially a Spanish colony, and you can still see and feel the Spanish influence till date in San Antonio. You can even feel the reminiscence of the Texan revolution here.

Fun things to do in San Antonio Tx:

You can make a list of many fun things to do in San Antonio Tx. After doing much research, I selected some of my favorite places to visit in San Antonio. I hope that you will also like them. These places are:

1. Six Flags Fiesta Texas:

Six Flags Fiesta Texas San Antonio Tx

Image by: Wikimedia

Out of many, some of the best things to do in San Antonio is visiting six flags fiesta theme park. It is a classical theme park with extreme epic rides like the4D Fly Coaster Batman. For me riding this roller coaster is one of the top things to do in San Antonio as I love to try thrilling rides. Apart from thrill rides Ferris wheels, bumper cars, water slides, and wave pools are also present here.

Moreover, there are different themed areas within this park and many shopping, dining, and entertainment spots as well. Six flags fiesta is one of the major attractions in San Antonio as you can enjoy the fun of bothwater and amusement park in one place. The best time for visiting Six Flags is during October when they have a fright fest.

2. Exploring River Walk San Antonio:

Exploring River Walk San Antonio

Image by: Flickr

The downtown of San Antonio is a sight to behold. Out of the many things to do in San Antonio, visiting and exploring San Antonio’s downtown is a must. In the hub of San Antonio, the city gets divided in two by the river flowing through it. Alongside the river lies the famous River Walk, which has tons of activities to offer. Once you’re in San Antonio, I suggest that you must at least enjoy one meal on the river walk in one of the famous Mexican restaurants. It is one of the trendiest stuff to do in San Antonio. The best time to visit River Walk is on the St. Patrick’s Day, as the river is of green color or during December when Christmas lights dot the river.

3. San Antonio Missions National Park:

San Antonio Missions National Park

Image by: Flickr

The historical San Antonio’s Missions National Park is a must-see site in things to do in San Antonio list. One of San Antonio’s most scenic hiking and biking trail along San Antonio river is present in this park that you should definitely explore. You can also see and explore the preserved Spanish history of the 1700s in this park. There are five missions located inside this park, and the trail connects all five of them.

4. Attend San Antonio’s Fiesta:

Attend San Antonio’s Fiesta

Image by: Afrc

One of the most fun San Antonio tourists’ attractions is the local fiesta. The people of San Antonio celebrate it every year in the last two weeks of April. This fiesta is one of those things to do in San Antonio, doing which you can experience the real San Antonio’s culture. During this fiesta, you can see many lavish parades with traditional Texas-Mexican goodies and music. You can also experience the NIOSA, a nighttime party with lots of food stations, dancing, and colorful clothes.

5. Sightseeing in San Antonio Tour Bus:

One of the best ways to see all San Antonio points of interest in a single day is by riding the San Antonio sightseeing bus. In a unique tour, you will be able to see all of San Antonio from Riverwalk to South town. Moreover, during the visit, professional guides give all the information about the city’s landmarks, neighborhoods, and popular tourist spots. If you already have the San Antonio’s explorer pass card, then this bus tour is free of cost for you. It is one of those things to do in San Antonio that will help you in exploring the city.

6. Exploring the attractions of Alamo Plaza:

Exploring the attractions of Alamo Plaza

Image by: Pxhere

One more from the fantastic things to do in San Antonio is exploring the areas surrounding the Alamo, i.e. the Alamo plaza. You can enjoy many fun things here, like taking Ripley’s haunted adventure, exploring the Tomb Rider 3-D, etc.

7. Ripley’s Believe it or not:

Another must-see place in San Antonio is the Ripley’s, Believe it or not. It is one of those things to do in San Antonio that you can’t miss. It holds more than 500 exhibits in its odditorium. There are 18 different themed galleries that you can explore to learn about the life of Mr. Ripley. You can easily purchase the tickets once you get here.

8. San Antonio Rio Cruise:

Cruise ride is essential once you’re in San Antonio. A cruise tour along the San Antonio’s river is full of a fun experience and is one of those best things to do in San Antonio. The cruise tour is a 30 minutes ride alongside the Riverwalk area. During this tour, a guide provides you with a brief history of the city and some information about the sites that you’re seeing. On this cruise, you can easily point out the places you want to explore on the Riverwalk.

9. DoSeum:

Doseum is a must-visit place, especially if you’re visiting San Antonio with your kids. It is a highly creative children’s museum where the creativity of your kids will boost. There are exhibits here featuring the advance fields of science and technology. Once you’re here some exhibits that you must see are sensations studio, Spy Academy, Little town, Explore and Imagine it. It is a place where your children will be able to learn about science while playing.

10. HemisFair Park:

HemisFair Park

Image by: Flickr

HemisFair park played an integral part in the urbanization of San Antonio. It is the place where 1968’s world fair took place. Since then its beautiful grounds have been connecting the downtown of San Antonio to the surrounding areas. It is a perfect place to go for a picnic and for soaking in San Antonio’s sun. There are tons of food carts and shops in the park as well from where you can buy.

San Antonio Texas Attractions:

Other than fun things to do in San Antonio Tx, there are many other tourist attractions that you should definitely visit. Some of them are:

1. Fredericksburg:


Image by: Wikimedia

Fredericksburg is a tiny town located on the outskirts of San Antonio. If you think that what to see in San Antonio then Fredericksburg is the answer for you. It is a small picturesque town famous for its wineries and day trips. The best time of visiting here is during the wildflower season so, you can enjoy the mesmerizing views of bluebonnets.

2. Tower of the Americas:

Tower of the Americas San Antonio

Image by: Flickr

The tower of the Americas is a 750 feet tall tower constructed for the 1968’s world fair. This tower of the Americas is still one of the tallest building in San Antonio. From all the stuff to do in San Antonio, this one tops my bucket list. The entrance fee is quite affordable, and once you’re inside the tower, you can easily take the lift to reach the top of the tower. From the top of the tower, you can see the pictorial panoramic view of San Antonio.

3. The Alamo:

The Alamo

Image by: Maxpixel

The Alamo is the most prominent San Antonio attractions that no visit to San Antonio is complete without visiting it. It is a symbolic representation of the many people who sacrificed their lives in the battle of Alamo, which acted as a pivotal in the Texas revolution. Alamo is a former Spanish church which later turned into a fortress. It is one of the must things to do in San Antonio.

4. Brackenridge Park:

Brackenridge Park San Antonio

Image by: Wikimedia

Brackenridge Park is the hub of outdoor activities in San Antonio. You can visit the famous Japanese Tea gardens here as well as the Brackenridge golf course. Moreover, there are playgrounds, swimming pools, picnic and fishing areas, bike trails which you can enjoy here. The Witte Museum, San Antonio zoo, some of the things to see in San Antonio are also within the boundary of this park.

5. World’s largest cowboy boots:

World’s largest Cowboy Boots

Image by: Flickr

While you’re in San Antonio, you should definitely take a picture in front of the world’s largest cowboy boots. It is one of those things to see in San Antonio that you shouldn’t miss.

6. El Mercado:

El Mercado San Antonio

Image by: Flickr

El Mercado is another san Antonio points of interest that attract many tourists every year. El Mercado is the largest Mexican market that is present anywhere in the world outside of Mexico. There are more than 100 shops and stores owned by locals here.